All this, and Welsh too. Join me here —
The Brecon Beacons National Park

As a child I was once commended for an essay based on Greek Mythology I’d written in green ink for a school competition. I was called to the Headmaster’s office and given a gold star and a vote of encouragement from the kindly Mr Thomas. As I was more interested…

It wasn’t much of a day of rest for my mother when Sunday dinner took half a day to prepare. If there was swede involved, or sprouts, it could be even longer as she liked to boil the Jesus out of the veg.

My father wouldn’t have lamb in the…

What are we having for tea Mammy?
We’ve got some lovely chops cariad.

It was a Thursday treat, especially for her bachelor uncles who came once a month for tea. Pork chops (with the kidney left in), mashed potatoes with the frying fat drizzled over, and frozen Bird’s Eye peas…

If music be the food of love, is this the indigestion?

My first recollection of recorded music is listening to my mother’s choice of radio station while toddling around our living room. I was soothed by the tones of Louis Armstrong singing ‘Wonderful World,’ and although I doubt I could understand the words, I got the message.

I was born in…

An old tune from a concertina memory

At the age of fifty seven I find myself on the cusp between looking forward and looking back. For the past few years I have written about my past in as much detail as I could muster, detail which diminished as the memory…

You never know when it’s the last time you do something.

We’re not having fireworks this Bonfire Night. We didn’t have any last year either, breaking a run of twenty five years. We had some the year before, I know because I wrote the following in my diary:

Saturday 2nd…

Simon Goss

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