My roles in life in chronological order

Being, infant son, apple of their eye, grandson, nephew, cousin, citizen, Cymro Cymraeg, enforced Christian, toddler, mother’s chocolate pudding, patient, small boy, wonderer at the world, dog owner, watcher with mother, visitor, learner, little artist, reader, playmate, passenger, Bampa’s little horse, schoolboy, cinema goer, chapel goer, third wise man, friend, dirt collector, bychan Arthur Goss, singer, reciter, Barbara Goss’ boy, Gran’s little bugger, football fan, owner of treasured Geoff Hurst autograph, street games afficionado, den builder, Auntie Maria’s nose borer, Tufty Club member, day tripper, televison watcher, European Citizen, reluctant choirboy, horse rider, Panini card collector, Atheist, rugby fan, consumer, swimmer, secondary school boy, local adventurer, failed fisherman, part-time labourer, military modeller (Airfix division), Hornby Railways enthusiast, winner of silver jubilee drawing competition, Stanley Gibbons Stamp Club member, daydreamer, member of the National Geographic Society, mountain man, Mayfly Boy Scout, royalty refusenik, pen-pal, book club member, chess club member, theatre goer, music fan, record buyer, disco dancer, park bench snogger, pub-goer, punk rocker, sixth former, reluctant prefect, Thatcher hater, young adult, driver, jogger, passport holder, overseas traveller, boyfriend, lover, painter, print maker, mourner, worker, tax payer, student, gym goer, squash player, weight trainer, summertime dole boy, lodger, fleeting rugby player, car owner, prospective son-in-law, fiancée, technical illustrator, tenant, tutor, premature male-pattern-baldness victim, usher, overworked designer, singleton, man about town, jetsetter, holiday-romancer, lodger again, nightclub denizen, toy-boy, almost traveller, head-over-heels-in-lover, groom, husband, son-in-law, brother-in-law, uncle, surrogate cat owner, patchy beard sporter, globe trotter, circumnavigator, freelancer, homeowner, Destroy-It-Yerselfer, part-time builder/ gardener/ electrician/ carpenter/ decorator, orphan, father to Evan, landlord, rugby sufferer, ad hoc design draftsman, commuter, house seller, house buyer, dad to Megan, Bachelor of Arts (Hons), graphic designer, part-time lecturer, qualified lecturer, self-employed designer, website designer, sole trader, father to Gareth, employer, launch guest, business partner, director, father to Bryn, resident of Derwen Fawr, custodian of oak trees, Sarah’s Sweetheart, archer, designer of the Scarlets logo, post-graduate student, he-who-may-be-sat-upon-by-cats, Swansea Digital Futures steering committee member, Dunvant RFC committee member, Labour Party member, ex-Labour Party member, Swansea Civil Service Cricketer, Master of Arts, second home owner, landlord again, cricket scorer, writer, portrait artist, Remoaner, published author, desperately sad former Citizen of Europe, cross trainer, member of Yes Cymru, befuddled middle aged man, hopeful rejoiner, prospective Santa.

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