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Dear Bon… (a letter to my cat)

I can’t help but wonder as to what goes on in your head.

When I wander through the house or the garden to stretch my legs during the daytime I’m never sure if you’re there, somewhere, quietly observing.

The extent of your world is a mystery to me, your domain a shifting patch of sunlight from which I imagine you’re always watching.

At times we seem to be on the same wavelength, but I’m never fully convinced. I may be expecting too much, a meeting of minds of such different outlooks can only ever be fleeting at best.

What are your values? Your judgement of quality? How do you rate your day?

I envy the total hedonistic hold you have on your life, balanced by a dedication to relaxation that I find impossible to imagine as I try to cram in all the aspects of my life into waking hours that are easily double yours.

I’m constanly questioning the point of all the juggling of work, play, family demands, while you just glide along, accepting and adapting and finding your level.

But you calm me, give me pause, ease my breathing and un-furrow my brow.

In return I do my best to provide for you, make space in my life to ensure you’re well and happy. And like all good relationships that reciprocation underpins our combined strength and keeps us afloat.

What is it you do all day?

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All this, and Welsh too.

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